Child Praying

‘The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.’ James 5:16

What is prayer?

Prayer is vital in the life of every believer. Prayer is how we communicate with God our Father. Prayer is one of the ways in which our relationship with God is strengthened.

We teach and practise prayer as a way of life for every believer. We encourage everyone to pray regularly. Praying means talking to God and listening to Him, so we encourage everyone to spend time doing both.

When and where do we pray?

We encourage everyone to pray in their own time, but also we take opportunities to pray together.  We pray on Sunday mornings in our meetings, at home groups and when we just meet together as friends.  Now and then, we have special prayer times for specific reasons, such as seeking God’s wisdom for the work we are doing in our community, or in response to particular needs either amongst us or in the world.

What do we pray for?

We believe that it is important that not all our prayers are for ourselves! As a church, we pray for one another, for our community, for our nation, for other nations and situations around the world. Perhaps most importantly, we pray that what matters to God is what will happen, and that what God is really like will be shown through our lives and through situations. This is what we believe ‘God’s will’ means.

Without prayer, we are reduced to living our lives with only our own wisdom to call on. Prayer means finding out what God thinks and wants, and asking Him to accomplish it. We believe that one of the great joys of being a Christian, is being able to take part in God’s great plan, and prayer is one way we can do this.