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‘For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this not your own doing; it is the gift of God..’ Ephesians 2:8

What is grace?

Grace is an unusual word, but we believe it is a wonderful and precious thing!

We believe that God is gracious. This means he behaves towards us with kindness and mercy. His grace means that we are not treated according to our own merit or effort, but according to God’s generous and merciful nature.

How does grace impact our lives?

We believe in, teach and seek to practise Christian living in a context of God’s grace. So we don’t have to be fearful that He will reject us or that He will be angry with us. We need not worry that we move in and out of God’s favour.  

God is always the same.  He is always kind and merciful, always faithful, always just and honest. He treats us according to what He is like, not according to what we are like!  

This is very good news. It means we are free to serve Him, confident that we can rely on His forgiveness, patience and strength even when we make mistakes.

How do we communicate God’s grace?

We believe that the grace God shows towards us is something we can also offer to others.

So as a Church we seek to be kind, merciful, faithful, patient and forgiving towards one another, out of gratitude to God for His grace.

We try not to look for faults in each other or blame each other when things go wrong, because this is not the way God is with us. We are so glad that God is patient with us, helping us to become stronger in our faith as time goes by, so we love to do the same for each other.