Sunday Meetings

Church Alive CongregationAs Christians, we love to meet together! Sundays are a time for us to celebrate our relationship with Jesus in lots of different ways:

  • We sing our praises to God and thank Him for being so good to us.
  • We sometimes pray together, asking for God’s help and wisdom for our world and community as well as for our families.
  • We also spend time reading the Bible and hearing preachers who help us to understand it and how to live for God in everyday, practical situations.

Our Sunday meetings are always lively, full of joy and the opportunity for everyone to participate. We rely on the Word of God and the Holy Spirit to lead us whenever we come together.

The children are also involved, with their own meetings to help them to learn about life with God.

It’s a family time, with God our Father as the guest of honour! You’re very welcome to come along and join us at any time!