Prayer Times

PrayingPrayer is at the heart of our life together.

Praying for each other is a normal part of life, asking for God’s help and direction in all the things we face each day. We keep ourselves informed of local, national and international issues facing both society and the church, so that we can pray intelligently about these.

This might be in our own devotional times, in life groups or in our prayer meetings.

Prayer Meetings

These are times when we come together to pray. During these times we have learnt to pray in different ways. It might be that we break up into groups, look at and think about what the Bible says and base our prayers on that, or any other creative ways we can think of to bring our concerns to God!  We also listen to the Holy Spirit to direct us in how we should pray.

Time With God

washing line prayersFrom time to time, we organise 24-hour prayer events, when everyone has the opportunity to set time aside to think, read the Bible and pray. We use these times to ask God for His direction for us as a Church, or to pray for our community, and discover God’s wisdom about national and international situations. During these events, we pray in ‘shifts’ around the clock, and people are able to display or share what they feel God is saying.