Living the Life

The Christian life is about the whole of life!

We are ordinary people, doing ordinary jobs, raising families, running our homes, taking part in society – all the normal stuff! We believe God is interested in all of this, and we seek to honour him in everything.

We realise that most of life is fairly ‘routine’ – how we handle the pressures of life is a witness to the power and grace of God in our lives, and we always want him to get the glory! We’re a family that learns from each other’s experience and wisdom in life, so that whatever stage we’re at, we can always pass on what we have discovered of God’s ways, for each other’s benefit.

being togetherAnd because we’re only human, we also get on with the business of getting along with each other, through good times and hard times, being patient and forgiving when it’s needed, laughing and crying together and accepting each other just as Jesus has accepted us.