Learning Together

There are lots of ways we can encourage each other in our faith. In fact, we’re learning all the time about what God is like and how he relates to us and to the world, as well as about how we can live lives that are worthy of him.

Naturally, the Bible is the most precious resource we have for this. We study it together, sharing our understanding and experiences.

The preaching and teaching on Sunday mornings is Bible-based with practical application. We also take the opportunity to study God’s Word when we get together mid-week.

And even our informal times with each other in our homes, or out and about, are opportunities to share what the Lord has been showing and teaching us.

But of course we learn from each other in all sorts of other ways, too. Practical wisdom on such things as DIY, car maintenance, parenting, getting on with work colleagues, managing money, all gets shared between us so we learn to lead more effective and successful lives to God’s glory.