Sundays in August

IMG_1353Just to let you know that we do not meet in Ladywood Health and Community Centre during August (with one exception this year, see below). So here is the plan for 2018. Please don’t forget that these are great ‘Meet The Family’ opportunities, so invite folks along.

August 5th: BBQ in Steve and Helen’s garden. 12.30pm. Bring your own food for the grill, and any drinks you want.

August 12th: Worship and Word, meet in Ladywood Health and Community Centre at 10.30am. We have a visiting speaker from Thailand.

August 19th: Picnic, Walk and Ball Games at Woodgate Valley. Meet beside the Visitor Centre at 12.30pm.  Bring your lunch and your bats, balls, frisbees, etc.

August 27th (Bank Holiday Weekend): Some of us will be camping at ACCLAIM – the Global Horizons family camp weekend.  If you’re not there, liaise with your Life Group and make your own arrangements to get together.

On Sundays 5th and 19th, we will open up the Ledbury Centre at 6.30pm for praise, worship and prayer.  This will be unstructured, just come along and enjoy fellowship with the Lord.